Christopher M. Smith
Christopher M. SmithPresident & Founder

Christopher M. Smith is the owner and lead engineer of Intellegration, LLC located in Richland, WA. He holds patents for a robotic hand and food processing equipment in addition to receiving a 2005 National R&D 100 award for innovative laser-welding fixturing system to hold titanium-encapsulated, rice-grain-sized radioactive “seeds” for cancer treatment.

Mr. Smith’s 33 years of systems engineering started in the aerospace industry and transitioned to the nuclear industry in support of the Hanford site. After a short stint working with a robotics firm, he spent 11 years at Battelle and several years each at SIGN and Vista Engineering. He created Intellegration LLC in 2003 to provide engineering and design services specializing in machine design and system integration. Intellegration has since developed several lines of industrial grade long-reach specialty tools and equipment for handling radioactive and hazardous materials. Mr. Smith’s expertise for innovative mechanical systems solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications is in constant demand.

Chris has always been a Mr. Fix-it and a gadget guy. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas. He received the Professional Engineer (PE) license shortly thereafter. He is an officer and a board member for the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate, is active in church, is an active member of the Richland Rotary Club and is involved in other humanitarian organizations.