Universal Reach Tool (URT)

This is the UNIVERSAL REACH TOOL or, more simply, the URT.

This tool, like the LONG REACH GRIPPER TOOL, protects the operator by keeping hazardous materials at a distance. Such materials may be intemperate, radioactive, or chemically unstable. Operators are always safer when noxious materials are kept at a distance. Intellegration has designed the perfect tools for accomplishing that critical goal.

All of our universal reach tools are exquisitely engineered, but this particular model is the most versatile.


  • Starting at the operator’s end, the PADDED HANDLE provides a sturdy, yet comfortable fulcrum of control. This Tele-Fold URT model has an ADJUSTABLE SIDE-HANDLE. The quick-slide, adjustable handle serves two purposes: First, to reduce operator fatigue, and second, to facilitate the safe and comfortable manipulation of hazardous materials. To reposition the handle: twist, slide, and twist again. It is that simple.
  • The UNIVERSAL REACH TOOL can double its size in an instant. For example, this compact three-foot tool, TELESCOPES to six feet, or, naturally, anywhere in-between. Not quite the variable length you had in mind? No problem. We can custom make the URT to your precise specifications.
  • To extend the reach tool, raise the LOCKING FINGER, pull out the internal pole, and relock the clamp. What could be easier?
    Over time, we know that dirt and grit can add unwanted friction within any tool. Therefore, we incorporated a wiper seal into the COUPLING CLAMP. The result? No friction. You can feel confident taking your URT into any environment—regardless of the level of air particulates.
  • The FOLDOUT feature of the tool adds another level of versatility. Now you can even reach around corners. Just squeeze the elbow, rotate the extension and release the spring-loaded elbow. It will automatically lock into place. It locks every 10 degrees and will rotate a full 360 degrees.

Why is this versatility important?

Let us say you have to reach across a pallet of drums to take a swipe sample. Alternatively, imagine manipulating a camera to read the label on the backside of a drum. Squeezing into a tight space to accomplish the task is risky, if not deadly. The reach-around feature of the URT defuses that risk in an instant.

We are not done yet. The URT boasts even more positioning capability, thanks to the rotating ball joint. This ingenious joint rotates on the base as well as in the socket. All of these movements lock securely with one single T-Handle twist. Add the same versatility to the other end of this extension, and whatever you choose to deploy on the end will point in exactly the position you need, with the ergonomics you deserve!

  • What we have on the end of this tool is the most common threaded attachment around. This ¼”-20 thread is the same found on the base of every camera produced, and we’ve adapted all of our tip accessories to simply mount onto this screw! The benefit of this universal thread is that an unlimited spectrum of CUSTOM TIPS may be utilized.
  • The innovative tips currently available from Intellegration work perfectly for most situations. However, if you cannot find exactly what you need, do not worry; we have you covered. We engineer and build to fit your precise needs.

The most common tip is our SWIVELING MUSHROOM TIP, primarily for taking radiation- contamination swipe samples. The proprietary tip design allows the operator to place the swipe against the surface with ease. Keeping a steady hand is a snap since the pivoting mushroom-head stays flat while making the swipe! The benefit is that the best possible sample is taken every time, assuring the RadCon Tech of accurate results!

Other tips have been adapted to secure radiation probes, temperature sensors, remote cameras, and inspection mirrors. This versatility allows the operator to manage almost any challenge.

  • If that were not enough, a COLLAR can be added to accommodate a camera or mirror, enabling the operator to pinpoint the target to be swiped. For example, this tool is set up with a swipe end. Operators can attach a mirror to see exactly where the swipe is touching a surface, even if that surface is well hidden from the operator’s view.

Utilizing some of the latest technologies, this BLUE-TOOTH CAMERA sends a real-time video to a synchronized smart device. By the way, this particular compact reach tool telescopes out THREE TIMES its original length.

Simplified versions of this URT have the foldout elbow, but not the telescoping function, providing sufficient versatility in most cases. This is a cost-effective solution for less demanding situations.

The entry-level URT has neither the foldout elbow nor the telescoping extender. It is called a URT WAND and offers a more traditional procedure for taking swipe samples. It is light weight and comfortable to use. It stows easily into the molded-eye handle.

Choose the URT that is right for you, keeping yourself safe while achieving accurate results!

Let us help you do what is most important for your mission:
keeping your operators safe from harm.