Safety in your workplace is of utmost importance to both you and your family. When it comes to working in high-risk and hazardous industries, such as chemical, oil & gas,nuclear,  mining, or just at dangerous heights, it’s imperative to have the right tools for the job. Taking higher risks than necessary increases your chances of accidents and equipment damage.

Your safety and training is also important to us to be able to get the best performance out of our products. As a well-trained safe worker you’ll be of greater value to your company, and our certified training courses will help mitigate legal actions.

Intellegration’s Anti-Gravity Counterbalance System (AGCS) provides ergonomic solutions for assisting workers  moving and position tools or equipment around a large working area. They can use this scissor balance system to hold large saw, or a magnetic-based drill, or other heavy hand tools around the work area and still be able to operate the tool. It is easily reconfigured to hold different tools of different weight. The ease of which it takes to move the tool from one place to another will eliminate many back aches and can greatly reduce the costs of even small accidents. This transport counterweight system is revolutionary and we are sure of your satisfaction. Reach out to us now, and we’ll reach back with competent and honest solutions to the challenges you face.