Our Swipe Tool extension tube is the same size as mop handles and fits the Masslinn mop heads!

Our long reach tool for obtaining wipe samples in radiation zones and hazardous environments is now available. This swipe tool features a round pivoting tip which conforms to the surface being wiped easily emulating the two-finger wiping specification resulting in optimum samples.

This fully adjustable telescoping pole includes pivot joints used to position the tool to reach into areas which are hazardous or even beyond direct line of sight with the operator. This allows the operator to reach behind, over and under objects, giving safe access to hard-to-reach areas.

All pole adjustments easily hand lock into place. Fully extended, this pole reaches 10 ft. and then folds and collapses to 4 ft. for convenient storage (custom lengths are also available). Tools are $1740 each and are In Stock.