Long Reach Gripper Tool (LRGT)

The LONG REACH GRIPPER TOOL (LRGT) keeps hazardous materials at a distance!

The Intellegration LONG REACH GRIPPER TOOL (LRGT) meets the needs of hazardous materials handlers around the world by keeping them a safe distance from danger. Such hazardous materials may be intemperate, radioactive, or chemically unstable. Operators are always safer when noxious materials are kept at a distance. Intellegration has designed the perfect tools for accomplishing that critical goal.

All of our long reach gripper tools are exquisitely engineered, and this particularly robust model is no exception.


  • Starting at the operator’s end, we have a large fiberglass EYEBOLT. It is a handy tie-off point, which could prevent the operator from inadvertently dropping the tool. It is properly sized to support any load the tool can handle. In some operations, a tag line can be connected for additional guidance.
  • The rear-most KNOB rotates in conjunction with the eyebolt to adjust the jaws grasping position. Like a pair of Vise Grip®, this adjustment is made to grasp different sized objects. The knob has a textured surface providing a positive grip. It is just the right size to easily grasp even with multiple layers of gloves.
  • Next, the padded HANDLE provides a sturdy, yet comfortable fulcrum of control. The mechanism is kinematically designed to provide the operator with optimal performance; working smarter, not harder – the tool is working for you! Users have tremendous leverage as the handle nears closure with this innovative cam-over center linkage. The handle is cushioned, comfortable, and easy to operate.
  • A safety latch integrated into this handle secures the handle closed allowing the operator to confidently transport the hazard to the safe location. The grip-force and jaw-opening is adjusted by rotating the knob to gently grasp fragile objects or positively grip heavier ones. To ensure operator safety, the safety latch is only released when your hand is in a safe operating position. Operating the LRGT in a variety of orientations still allow the safety latch to be released by either using your thumb or the heel of your hand.
  • Like all LRGT tools, this model has an adjustable side-handle. The quick-slide, adjustable handle serves two purposes: First, to reduce operator fatigue, and second, to facilitate the safe and comfortable manipulation of hazardous materials. To reposition the handle: twist, slide, and twist again. Change is easy and safe.
  • Do you have varied needs for tools requiring different materials? Our poles are made of stainless steel tubing, thick-walled aluminum or even fiberglass. Our customers have found that certain POLE MATERIALS offer the best advantages for their particular situations. The stainless steel pole is most popular in radioactive applications where decontamination is required. The thick-walled aluminum is slightly heavier than the stainless pole, yet offers robustness capable of holding loads of up to 250 lbs. The dielectric fiberglass pole is perfect for use with electrical and other hazards where conduction is a danger. This is also the material of choice for ordinance handling and disposing, reducing dangerous shrapnel.

An additional benefit of using these smooth-surfaced materials is that cleaning and decontamination is easy. Particulates do not readily attach, and you can easily remove liquids and semi-solids.

  • Since one size does not fit all, adding segments to our MODULAR POLES puts you at just the right distance between you and the hazard. You can easily add different lengths of pole segments, increasing overall length. This feature pays big dividends in keeping you out of the danger zone, whether that zone contains nuclear materials, hazardous chemical wastes, explosives or other perilous conditions. Limiting your exposures to danger and lawsuits only makes sense.
  • Adding or removing modules is simple by design, just remove the two pole joint setscrews and disconnect the internal pull-rod. Adding a segment is just reversing this operation at both ends. We fabricate these poles ends to exacting tolerances, allowing complete interchangeability of any length of pole segment. One customer ordered two additional pole segments (4-ft and 6-ft) and had usability to lengths of 5’, 9’, 11’ and 15’. For users frequently changing lengths, we have a special coupling designed to reduce changing time to seconds.
  • If that were not enough, users can add a collar to accommodate accessories such as a cameras or mirrors, enabling the operator to pinpoint the target to be grasped. Operators can attach a mirror to see exactly where the jaws are in relation to the hazardous material, even if that material is well hidden from the operator’s view.

Now let us grasp the benefits of the fully-engineered gripper head.

What you do not see inside this GRIPPER HEAD are smart connections that allow you to get the best grip performance for the effort you exert. This head is universal by design and machined to precision allowing for many user options.

We fabricate the JAW Receiver, within the gripper head, and jaws for complete interchangeability. Exchanging a set of jaws simply requires removing each retaining screw, remove the jaw by hand, insert the new jaw, and replace the screw. Exacting tolerances in fabrication allows any jaws to fit into any tool, making your tools versatile for virtually any job.

Intellegration offers a variety of jaws providing unique benefits with each design. We are eager to provide you with any customized tool your challenge requires. Our standard jaw sets are displayed by pressing on this link.

Duck Bill

Plier Jaws



Side Needle Nose

Wide Offset

Choose the LRGT and accessories that are right for you! Keep yourself and your colleagues safe while working with hazardous materials.

Let us help you do what is most important for your mission:
keeping your operators safe from harm.