Anti Gravity Counterbalance System (AG)

We are proud to introduce the Intellegration Anti Gravity Counterbalance System (AG for short.)

This Anti Gravity machine allows you to attach any device to the load end and easily maneuver that device anywhere within its large positioning area.

Just imagine the possibilities.

The ATTACHED DEVICE moves just as easily vertically as it does horizontally and may even be rotated with very little effort. Someone would find it impossible to hold a very heavy tool horizontally with one hand. However, with the counterbalancing of this system, you can easily maneuver a device throughout a huge positioning area.

Workers can remain distant from hazardous materials, making their work safer. Operators can take huge advantage of the COUNTER BALANCE to ensure that they can concentrate more on precise movements without having to bear the unnecessary load of the tool itself. Just a touch of a finger moves the Anti Gravity device in any direction, even when the AG is fully extended.

A medium sized-system expands 8 feet from the base mount. The working envelope of this system is shaped like a donut lying flat and centered on the base mount. That donut representing the work area for this system would be 16-feet in diameter, 10-feet tall and a 4-foot hole in the middle. Of course, Intellegration can provide you with just the right systems that meet your specific needs.

Now look at a different application.

You can attach a camera to the AG. The movement of the camera is smooth in all directions. Additionally, you can add lights, microphones, and other accessories. They will also be supported with little effort. The Anti Gravity Counterbalance System easily handles the weight while maintaining total mobility.

  • The center support acts as a pivoting fulcrum on a ROTATING BASE. These low-friction joints allow the machine to move effortlessly up and down and all around. We engineered the scissoring action for incredibly smooth performance. You can add weights easily to counter balance any load put on the working end of the AG.
  • Moving the machine is simple. The rotating base supported by the PEDESTAL incorporates five heavy-duty ball-bearing casters for the smoothest possible movement. On level and smooth floors, the pedestal will move while the system is in use, greatly expanding the working envelope.

The rotating base demonstrates the versatility of the AG. It can be mobile as shown in the photo on the pedestal, mounted to the corner of a truck bed, installed on a man-lift or handrail. You can even hang the AG from a ceiling or crane. All of these MOUNTING OPTIONS greatly expand the possible uses for this incredibly versatile Anti Gravity Counterbalance System. Of course, Intellegration will customize mounts to your needs. Please note that any mounting platform must be properly rated for the load.

How do you envision using this amazing device in your organization?

Let us help you do what is most important for your mission:
keeping your operators safe from harm.