Check out this video from KNDU (NBC, Tri-Cities) featuring Chris Smith and the long-reach tools that he took to Japan to help clean up the radioactive waste after the nuclear disaster this past year.

RICHLAND, WA – A Richland company is developing potentially life-saving tools for people who work with radioactive materials at places like Hanford.

Intellegration builds several different tools that help people stay safe while working in a radioactive environment. It’s extremely important for these workers to limit their exposure to radioactive materials, and Intellegeration’s products help them do that.

The tools have long arms and claws and the workers never have to touch the materials directly. With these tools, some are able to cut their exposure to just eleven percent.

“These tools let you grab, keep your distance and manipulate the object that your dealing with, thus reducing your exposure,” said Smith.

Smith has been developing these tools for the past 5 years, and does a lot of his business with Hanford and other DOE sites.

However, just recently Smith was able to take his tools across the world to help with the radioactive waste leak in Japan.